Sword Slingers! v1.1.2

Version 1.1.2 is here and with it comes preparation for the next major update: 1.2.0.

Some bugs have been fixed and the game is more stable; here's a list of the details:

  • End-game display improvements: At the end of the game your collected coins and relic progress are shown, and newly set high scores light up with color.
  • Relic display improvements: Progress bars for Relics are a bit more colorful!
  • Auto Saving: The game will automatically load your data when you start up the game and save them you quit.
  • Pace Modifications: The shop will be unlocked after completing the first game.
  • Coin Balancing: Bonus coins are earned per enemy destroyed.

As a little bonus, here's a sneak peek for what's coming in version 1.2.0:


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95 days ago

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